Who we are

Stinex, a London based technology solutions provider to financial firms with broad expertise in enterprise systems development.

What we do

We assist organizations with internal development, integration with third party solutions, requirements gathering and performance tuning.

Our experience

Stinex has experience working for capital markets firms. Areas of involvement include trading, portfolio management, trade capture and pricing as well as risk management and reporting.

Key strength

One of our key strengths is our disciplined process for executing highly technical projects within scope, on time, and within budget.

Finance Industry Experience

Equity Swaps

Helped to build team for quickly implementing small high priority business requests

Optimized memory footprint and system start time


Building own CTRM Cloud Platform

Core FX

Tuned performance, memory and stability for distributed cache platform

High Loads

Supported system processing 200 000 trades daily

Risc Calculation Systems

Helped building industry grade Market and Creadit risk valuation systems

for Front to Back office

Dealing with Traders, Operations, IT Support and Development


Built from scratch, maintained and enhanced exisiting P&L, Trade Activity, Cashflow reports

Our IT Skills







Companies we already helped